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Ian Crombie, Executive Director

Ian has been an integral part of the growth of West Coast Songwriters since 1988. With his leadership WCS has grown to one of the most active songwriter associations in the United States with over twenty events per month up and down the West Coast. In 2008 Music Connection  Magazine named Crombie as one of the Top 50 Innovators, Iconoclasts, Groundbreakers and  Guiding Lights of the year.

Ian has built a strong community of musicians, songwriters, producers and song pluggers who continue to work together in an informal, creative and unique style which includes song competitions, workshops, seminars and the yearly highlight, WCS’s “Up Close and Personal” Annual Music Conference.

Crombie has served a number of years on the Board of the Recording Academy and was part of the Grammy Education Committee. He has taught songwriting from elementary to college level, helping students to collect their ideas and turn them into meaningful songs.

Ian is also an accomplished songwriter. He made his first record in 1967, in Birmingham England (when 4 track machines were king). He toured the UK with various bands and performed in the San Francisco Bay Area before taking on the position at West Coast Songwriters. His songs have been placed in TV and Film, including songs on ITV in England, Touched by an Angel, Promised Land, Interface, General Hospital, Powder Park, Access Hollywood and Another World. In addition, Ian produced and licensed music for the Oscar winning film As Good As It Gets.  Currently, he has screen credit in "Decoding Annie Parker" due for major release Summer 2014, for helping secure music for the movie.  He also has a song in the upcoming short movie "Junction".

Additionally, Ian has co-produced a number of acts including D’Viniti, an Oakland based rap group. Ian sang and played guitar in The Nudge Club-San Francisco Bay Area, Sticky Fingers-Birmingham, UK. Among his CD releases are Tea & Crumpet and songs for the Kids Rock record. 

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