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Become a Member of WCS ....and experience the benefits….  a wealth of knowledge and resources for songwriters, performing artists and those interested in the business side of the music industry…..

For the Songwriter:

Learn the craft and business of songwriting; meet fellow songwriters and network with industry professionals. As a member your creative process will cease to be a solitary pursuit and become a shared endeavor.

For the Performing Artist:

Talent, in combination with great material will separate you from the pack. Develop your writing skills and personal style while taking advantage of thousands of songs available to compliment your portfolio. Through support from WCS and industry professionals, members receive the constructive criticism and feedback needed to enhance individual performance style and image.

For the emerging artist:

“How do I get to the next level?” is often asked. The answer….support from WCS and industry professionals. WCS provides you with connections to management, gig opportunities and the guidance to avoid those common pitfalls as you navigate the world of performing arts.

For those interested in the business side of the music industry:

WCS is a community of committed members who actively seek guidance and support. If you’re interested in managing a band or want to work for a record label, WCS is right for you! Introductions to emerging bands, music industry luminaries and the chance for an “insiders” look at the world of music are the best way to get started.

....Stay passionate, be inspired....

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