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Meet Our Volunteer Team

WCS Volunteer Team

WCS is run by a committed group of volunteers who spend many hours of time and energy to help provide exceptional programs for our members.  Without this extraordinary group of dedicated people WCS would not be the most active music organization in the USA.

Please remember to let these people know you appreciate all they are doing for you and WCS.

Thank You Team!

Regional Directors


Bay Area

 Ian Crombie

Los Angeles

Chas Chandler

North Bay



Daniel Work


Kathie Rollins



Berkeley Nomi Yah    


Sacramento John Freeman
Hollywood Katie Cole San Carlos

Works in Progress 

Randy Hansen

Contra Costa County

Laura Zucker/

Laura Whitmore

San Francisco Amanda Howell    
San Rafael

Bob Crane

South Bay Christine VanHoy
Palo Alto Rebecca Sanders Seattle  

Jay Gottlieb

& Mark Rafferty



Portland Daniel Work Stockton



 Conference Production Volunteers


Registration Ian Crombie Volunteer Coordinator Joanie Crombie
One on Ones Corinne Woolworth Food and Bev Coordinator Amanda Howell
Noon Concerts & OOM Greg Biles Set Up/Break Down Bruce Ede
Guest Services Joanie Crombie Instrument Check Peter Lamson
Song Screenings Nomi Yah Performance Showcase Peter Lamson
Sound Mark LeMon Publicity/Promotions Ali Williams
WCS Center Phil Bearce Guest Services Joanie Crombie
Song Check-In Starr Saunders    

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