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liza marie

One of the greatest joys that I have working with WCS is getting to know the many members, managers, judges, industry leaders and YOU!  However sometimes the story of someone truly resonates with me and pulls a deep understanding and connection to someone.  

I have never met Liza Marie Sparks in person, however we have spoken on the phone and by email numerous times.  She is a very dedicated and wonderful person...but her story sits deep in my heart.   Liza Marie has suffered terrible health issues - some of which I have personally suffered as well.  However, despite all she goes through on a daily basis, she remains positive, wonderful and talented.  

Her songs pull from deep within her spirit, grabbing the joy and sorrow that we all feel - but with an incredible insight with her music.  Liza was given the freedom to express her feelings through music after her stroke.  I, on the other hand, lost that ability...but I so deeply understand what she says and what she does. She expresses so many emotions that are locked within my spirit...and I'm sure she does for you too.

Liza very bravely went on the air last week with Kellie in the Mornings on KVYN FM 99.3 for her first live interview and performance.   Well done Liza!! You impress daily...

My First Radio Interview with Host Bob St. Laurent, (filled in for Kellie) on KYVN's 99.3 fm  "KELLIE IN THE MORNING" show, this morning... Wow.  I had such a great time.  I didn't have Broadcast quality recordings so I had to play live.  It was so cool.  I'm still wide eyed, and still scared, but that was one great event to be a part of.  Thank you KVYN for this wonderful opportunity!  Thank you Kellie, and thank you Bob St. Laurent for being so great!  Thank you West Coast Songwriters.  Without having all the venues, songwriting competitions, songwriter screenings, I don't think this day would have gone the way it did.  

~Liza Marie Sparks

And finally, here's a beautiful poem that Liza Marie has shared with me about WCS.  She captures the essence of WCS in just a few words.

Thank you West Coast Songwriters!  If not for you, I would still be looking down at the floor when I sing.

If not for you, I would still be ashamed to share my songs.  

If not for you, I would not have a way to express myself.  

Thank Ian, for answering my phone calls last year when I wasn't a member,

always encouraging me to try, and do.  

Thank you West Coast Songwriter's for revealing a path, I had never known existed. 

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