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Amirah Ali


My name is Amirah Ali and I have been a member for WCS for 3 years.  I just came to know that I had received 6 VIMA Southeast Asian Award 2013 Nominations for Best Pop Song, Best Pop Act, Best Dance Song, Best Overall Female Act, Best Instrumental Music and Best Collaboration. I feel extremely blessed and thankful for this. Thank you so much to everybody who believed in me at WCS.


For those of you who may not know, VIMA 2013 is considered the most important and participated independent music awards of South East Asia. One of the celebrity judges include one of the biggest music acts from China, Viva Girls, who are an award winning group from China signed to Grammy winning label. Domo Records. The VIVA Girls were also a finalist and nominee in the 2011 Bite My music awards. 


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"The biggest categories are dominated by musicians from Singapore namely Masia One, Shigga Shay and Sharliza Jelita, whose genre-defying style earned them nods in all the major categories of pop,rock,hip-hop and dance. However theyhave all been upstaged by the Malaysian hip-hop-dance collective Psycho.Unit who lead the way with an astonishing 8 nominations, followed by 7 nominations for hip-hopper Masia One and 6 each for Sharliza Jelita and Malaysia’s Amirah Ali."


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