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Get your music in Film and TV

One of the fastest growing areas for new music is the film and TV industry. With 24 hours of hundreds of TV channels and numerous films being produced daily, the need for  music/songs/soundtracks far outweighs what is available.  Perhaps it's your chance to have your music in TV/Film. However, getting your music to the right person is not the easiest. Have you checked online, magazines and every method for sending in your songs only to not hear at all or told "we'll keep your music on file"?  It's a hit and miss method of getting your music to the right person.

The only way to be certain to get your music heard is to meet the heavy hitters in the industry in person.  Sounds easy doesn't it...but how can you make an appointment and meet them.  Try finding their direct line, try cold calling or even stop by...and imagine the reaction!  

However, the opportunity is here.  Meet the TV & Film guests at the 32nd Annual Music Conference in person, network with them and perhaps you can strike up a good relationship where they will remember you and even call you when they're looking for your kind of music.  

Make the effort, come to the conference Sept 7th-9th and meet Jerome Spence, Darian Cowgill, Adam Levenson, Mason Cooper, Chris Austria and Ryan Gaines.  Imagine -- SIX TV/Film guests to network with in person!

So be sure to prepare your music and bio and study up on the music they're looking for and strike up a converstaion.  You never know what might happen next!  It's your chance to be seen, heard and remembered.

Looking forward to seeing you at the conference~ Sign up NOW.

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