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House Concerts

Blog written by Joanie Crombie

Photo of WCS Member David Luning

About House Concerts….

I happen to live in the best neighborhood on the planet.  No kidding, it’s uncanny.  We celebrate together, keep each other sane, go insane together, you name it, we’ve been through it…together.  Some of the most fun times we have is when we get together to host House Concerts.

 Thinking back on it, House Concerts were an important first step in creating our neighborhood community-affectionately referred to as The WayWard Ones since we live on a “Way” as opposed to a Street or Avenue.  House Concerts were one of the first times we all stepped into each other’s homes and hung out and got to know each other.

 We all take turns to hold them in our living rooms or yards, depending on the season.  We all invite our off the “Way” friends for great camaraderie. Everyone brings something savory or sweet to share with the crowd and perhaps a bottle or so of their favorite libation.   Nothing I like better than getting together with friends, old and new, and sharing an evening of music and merriment AND turning them on to songwriters and musicians they’ve never heard of and might never have seen. 

 We all feel so lucky get to share the magic of the talented musicians that come to us, to our little street.  Most of us would never had gotten to hear them and become friends and fans.  And, sharing  special, intimate evenings like these creates a great foundation for friendships; we have shared stories and tall tales…

Speaking of tall tales from house concerts….I’ve got a few…I’ll save those for next time, too….

PS  It’s really easy to host a house concert on YOUR street….more about that to come….

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