Songwriting in Silence


As I write this month’s blog we’re still in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. It’s easy to find the things that have altered your everyday life. How about your songwriting existence? 

Playing your songs live? Not happening. Getting together to co-write? A non-starter. In-person workshops, songwriting camps, seminars? No, no, and no. 

There’s something else I’ve noticed during this time. Silence. I know my world has gotten quieter. I coach a lot of songwriters from all parts of the world and I’m hearing some of the same comments about these times we’re living in. “My songwriting has gone to a deeper level”, “Almost like I’m hearing myself for the first time”, “I just have more time …to think!” I get it. 

How about you? I think it has so much to do with the newfound silence. There is power in silence. There is so much noise around us every day, some of it of our own making. All of a sudden it feels like we have more time to contemplate an idea and to take our time to develop our songs. 

Less outside interference to block your reception and, for your songwriting, this can be a huge benefit.   Almost feels like you can turn your focus inward, the world can wait while you write and the silence around you allows your subconscious to have more airtime. 

Instead of feeling like you need to fill the empty space with more notes and more words, how about embracing a slower, more thoughtful pace? 

Think you could spend a good portion of your songwriting day with the sound of silence? I highly recommend giving it a shot. Check out this link to an article about the creative power of silence when you have a few minutes. 

Psychology Today April 21, 2017 article by Atalanta Beaumont. “10 Reasons Why Silence Really Is Golden”. 

Mark Cawley 

Nashville, Tennessee 

Photo : Shutterstock 

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