How to be a Songwriter with a Mission

Compliments of Mark Cawley - I Do Coach


2018 and you’re getting tired of reading articles about resolutions, new leaf turning and goal setting. Probably even goes against some of your creative, spontaneous makeup. 

I’m gonna suggest 2 different versions of these practices. A mission statement and attainable goal-setting. 


On A Mission 

Big companies have them, small businesses have them. Here are a couple examples. 

Life is Good: "To spread the power of optimism” 

Warby Parker: "To offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.” 

And…Starbucks: “Our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.” 

All great but what I’m suggesting is coming up with your own personal one that relates to your songwriting. It should be simple, short and clarify your passion and philosophy. 

Not easy to write but the more you can define and distill just who you are as a writer the better choices you tend to make. Can’t be everything to everyone so..who are you? 

Having your own mission statement to reference along the way is a terrific tool for any artist or songwriter. 

You’re in the business of you and you need to know your business! 

Small Bites 

I like to ask songwriters about their goals before I start coaching them. The main reason is a hard one to hear because they may be unrealistic. I don’t mean they will never reach them, only that they need to accomplish smaller goals to have the best shot. 

“My goal is to be a staff writer in Nashville making 100K minimum.” 

“I see myself writing for major artists” 

“I want to travel the world and write” 

And an often heard one, “I just want to be able to quit my day job.” 

These are great goals but without smaller, more attainable ones the frustration may kill ya first! I urge writers to set goals that are attainable in the very near future, celebrate them and re-aim. We all need affirmation in this business and creating a few goals that you can make is one good way of measuring your progress. 

A Few Ideas 

Set a goal of creating a simple webpage for your songs so people can find you. Decide to attend one major workshop this year and…gulp…network! Decide to seek out 5 classes this year, maybe not even all to do with songwriting but stretch your creative muscle. 

5 Thoughts AS You Start The New Year 

Ask yourself these from time to time, especially starting out this new year. 

1. What do I want? 

2. Why do I want it? 

3. How will I get there? 

4. What tools will I need? 

5. Where am I now? 

OK, maybe 1 more thought for 2018 

An old Irish New Year’s wish. 

“May you get all your wishes but one, so that you always have something to strive for!”