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Priyanka Lalwani is a Professional Marketer, Mentor, Producer and Indian Singer Songwriter. She has been offering artist development services to Indian Artists living abroad and has worked with Indian Singers, Songwriters, Performers, Visual Artists, Directors, Designers and Managers. Headquartered in San Francisco, offering artist development services, she discovers, mentors and promotes the unique Indian talent living overseas and brings them the exposure that they truly deserve from all over the world.  The advice she gives is pertinent no matter where you are located. 

What does representing and mentoring an artist actually entail?  

Mentoring an artist entails taking the pressure away from the artist, simplifying their creative process into smaller steps and working on their confidence. Mentoring helps artists to focus on being creative and confidently take the next steps. It entails easing the process and really making them believe that they can do it.   On the other hand, representing the artist entails seeking opportunities to bring exposure and recognition to the artist from all over the world. 


What piece of advice would you give to young talented artists who want to succeed?  

Identify what success really means to you.  Is it the thrill of sharing your talent with the world?  Is it receiving recognition?  Is it making money through the sale of your work.  

Also, ask yourself what motivates you as an artist. Figure this out as early as you can.  For example, if success means sharing your talent with the world, you could think of spending more time practicing in the studio rather than marketing and then, taking a part-time job to support your financial needs. If success means getting a recognition like an award or critical praise, you could prioritize applying to shows and getting signature status in a reputed organization. If you are an entrepreneurial artist, success implies finding opportunities to sell your work and building a creative business around it.  

My advice to artists is to set priorities and really stay accountable. It will help you achieve the success that you truly deserve . 

What mistakes an Artist should have to avoid?  

Avoid asking for permission to be an artist. Just like the world needs doctors and engineers, it needs artists. It needs you!  

Avoid thinking that your creative work is a hobby. It’s not a hobby. It’s a business.  

Avoid the planning paralysis. If you are a singer, sing more songs. If you are a painter, paint more artwork! Don’t dwell over planning for too long.  

Avoid comparisons with others. A safer way to build your confidence is to compare your work only to your earlier work. Measure what you have achieved in 3 months, 6 months,1 year, 2 years or 5 years. What worked? What didn’t work? What could you possibly do moving forward for the same timelines?  

Avoid isolation. Find a buddy who appreciates what you do and partner.  

Avoid blaming yourself for not getting work done. Don’t give yourself excuses. Instead, show up at work sincerely and continue from where you left.  

Avoid perfectionism. Perfection is a never-ending vicious bubble that you need to burst right now. Really, blow up this bubble with your cheeks and burst it. There you go!  

Avoid chaos. Set a mechanism to keep yourself accountable. Ask for help when you need clarity.  

Avoid admin tasks. Delegate or outsource.  

Avoid relying heavily on the money that comes from the sale of your work at the beginning stage. Instead, explore multiple income streams to get a steady start.  

Find your ‘sweet spot’ and finish your projects. Be prepared to receive critical feedback. It’s part of the learning process.  

Avoid trying to please everyone. It doesn’t help. Instead of helping you it might keep you away from getting the respect that you truly deserve as an artist. Artists who cannot say ‘no’ tend to be taken for granted too.  

Avoid working too much. Take time off to enjoy your achievements and give yourself a treat! 

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