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Here you will find a community of artists dedicated to building their musical career. At WCS, members establish important relationships, both professionally and personally, that enhance and accelerate their development. Music ceases to be a solitary pursuit and becomes a shared endeavor through the focus, feedback, collaboration, contacts/networking and support that WCS provides.

WCSer Anthony Ayra wins over Adam on The Voice

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Practically Singing // The ABCs of Practical Vocal  

Compliments of Iari Melchor - Vocal Coach

Singing is a very personal form of self-expression, regardless of how large or small the stage. And, in most contemporary genres of singing, there is less an idealized sound that is held as the ‘gold-standard’ for what constitutes great singing. Usually, the more unique sounding, heavily ‘stylized’ voices are what catches ears these days. And, technique is often considered secondary, or even optional, to having a great singing voice. 

Of course, to the…

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