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How to Get Your Music Featured on Spotify Playlists 

This guest post by Lisa Occhino originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

Stream counts are a big indicator of success on Spotify, but there’s another factor that plays an enormous role: the number of times your tracks have been added to playlists. 

According to BuzzFeed, one out of five plays across all streaming services happens within a playlist, and that number continues to grow. Half of Spotify’s global users listen to human-curated playlists (as opposed to algorithmic playlists), which generate…

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WCS Priyanka Lalwani's Advice To Artists 

Priyanka Lalwani is a Professional Marketer, Mentor, Producer and Indian Singer Songwriter. She has been offering artist development services to Indian Artists living abroad and has worked with Indian Singers, Songwriters, Performers, Visual Artists, Directors, Designers and Managers. Headquartered in San Francisco, offering artist development services, she discovers, mentors and promotes the unique Indian talent living overseas and brings them the exposure that they truly deserve from all over the world…

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Five Things I’ve Learned About Songwriting from the Masters, courtesy of Cliff Goldmacher 

One of the more daunting things I’ve come to realize in my years of writing songs is that when it comes to getting cuts, you’re not only competing against all the songs being written currently but also against every song that’s ever been written. Fortunately, to balance that out, we also have the opportunity to learn great songwriting from any master who’s ever written a song. To that end, I’ve put together five tips that I’ve learned from some of pop music’s finest writers from any era. Enjoy! 

1. You can

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Interview with Jazz Singer Shana Dinha  

Jazz Singer Shana Dinha Talks Her “Sounds of Spring” Show, EP ‘The Seasons We Carry’, and Making a Positive Difference with West Coast Songwriters Executive Director. Ian Crombie in Berkeley, CA

It’s been said that West Coast Songwriters are a bunch of country singer songwriters or folk songwriters, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  We are SONGWRITERS regardless of genres.  Our founders write for the Childrens market, and our compilation CD shows the breadth of styles our members write. 


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Are There Still Songs In That Old Guitar? 







“I got my first real six-string 

Bought it at the five-and-dime 

Played it 'til my fingers bled 

Was the summer of sixty-nine” 

                                  Bryan Adams “Summer Of ’69” 







More like ’65 for me but the same memory. Mowed lawns to buy a Cortez bass, killed my fingers but I had to have it. I spent the first few weeks walking up and down the same street in Endwell, New York with the bass (no case) slung over my shoulder hoping Mary Spring would come…

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How to be a Songwriter with a Mission 

Compliments of Mark Cawley - I Do Coach


2018 and you’re getting tired of reading articles about resolutions, new leaf turning and goal setting. Probably even goes against some of your creative, spontaneous makeup. 

I’m gonna suggest 2 different versions of these practices. A mission statement and attainable goal-setting. 


On A Mission 

Big companies have them, small businesses have them. Here are a couple examples. 

Life is Good: "To spread the power of optimism” 

Warby Parker: "To offer…

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Interview with Steve Rodgers 

Steve Rodgers, singer songwriter, has just completed recording his much anticipated album produced by Ken Nelson. His songs reflect his passion for life’s depth, mystery and wonder, recorded with his band of like-minded musicians. Critics compare his music to a mix of Jack Johnson, Paolo Nutini and Cat Stevens. He is the son of one of my musical heroes, Paul Rodgers (Free/Bad Company/Queen) but Steve is paving his own roads in this musical world, blessed with a great voice and insistent on carving out his…

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