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How to stay in love with the craft of songwriting 

This post by Caleb J. Murphy originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog

I hate songwriting when things aren’t flowing. 

Okay, that’s not totally true. I always love the craft of songwriting, but I get super frustrated when nothing is showing up even though I am. When I’ve been working on a song for months or even years and it’s not finished, I feel like giving up. 

So to help you (and me) stay in love with the craft of songwriting, here are some things you can do. 

Read books about other songwriters  …Read more

FREE Video Series on Writing Commercial Songs  

All of you who write songs want to write the best songs you can and most of you are hoping to write that big hit song that will help you become a professional songwriter.  What if you could get some help and hints from a successful songwriter to make your songs better and more sellable? 
I am writing to you about a free series of videos designed to improve your songwriting offered by Nashville professional songwriter Gary Burr. Gary was one of our faculty at a previous Conference in San Francisco.  Gary Burr…

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Songwriting: The Real Stuff Is The Good Stuff by Mark Cawley 

This article was first published in USA Songwriting Competition and is, in part from my book “ Song Journey” to be released on April 2nd, 2019. 

There is no one way to write a song. You may write melody first or mix it up but for our purposes, let’s start with writing your lyric. 


What’s a good place to start once you have a title or an idea of what you’re going to write about? Prose. Think about the title, say it out loud ... a bunch. What does it bring to mind? Got something? Take a few minutes…

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Design Tips for Your Songwriter Website 

This guest post from Dave Cool is an excerpt from Bandzoogle’s free online guide How to make a website for your music 

There are many elements that go into designing your website, including the template, colors, fonts, and imagery. Here’s a closer look at each of these elements to help you make the best decisions for your design: 

Choosing a website template 

When choosing a template to start your website’s design, you’ll want to consider a few things: 

Header image layout 

Do you want a large…

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How to Handle a Songwriting Critique from a Group of Your Peers by Cliff Goldmacher 

If you live in one of the major music cities – Nashville, New York or Los Angeles – you’ll be surrounded by a large group of your songwriting peers. This can be a huge help as it’s always easier not to go it alone as you develop your songwriting skills. One of the many benefits of a songwriting peer group is that you can help each other grow by getting together weekly or monthly to critique each other’s songs. That being said, remember that the songwriting process is particularly fragile early on. So…

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Songwriting in 2019: Big Goals, Small Bites, by Mark Cawley 

We all like to set goals heading into a new year - it’s a natural thing. I also know that all of us songwriters are dreamers and dreamers don’t tend to think in terms of limitations. We dream big. But sometimes dreaming big set’s us up for some pretty big disappointments. In coaching songwriters every week it usually comes up sooner or later that this business is…hard! 

Small BItes 

What I suggest to my clients is to think in terms of attainable goals. Small bites to get them where they wanna go. The…

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