Welcome to San Rafael


Here you will find up to date information about what's going on in the WCS San Rafael location.  It's easy to find who to contact, where to go and when it's all happening!  If you need to reach us, please email the San Rafael Managers.

Please make sure that you membership is current. Take a photo of your membership card so you always have it with you. Non-members are ineligible to win.   RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP and enjoy all the perks including discounts, freebies and more.


  • FIRST Tuesday of the month Please Check The Calendar
  • Location: Yet Wah 1238 Fourth Street, San Rafael, CA 94901
  • SIGN-UP: 6:15pm. Start time: 7:00 pm. 
  • No Cover 
  • Small stage with a  Mackie 408s FR Sound System, 
  • 88 Key Kurtzweil Digital piano
  • Be sure to invite your friends. Audience encouraged.
  • Please make sure that you membership is current (Smartphone photo of card is OK)
  • Bring 2 sets of your lyrics for the judges
  • Non-members are ineligible to win (but can perform, time permitting)  
  • Sponsored by: Soundwire Studios
  • CONTACT the San Rafael Managers

Monthly Awards:

  • Competitions run from October - August
  • The San Rafael PLAYOFFS are held in August
  • Playoff Winner has the opportunity to perform at the WCS Grand Finals held in September
  • Grand Final Winner has the opportunity to perform at the WCS Annual Music Conference in front of a house full of industry leaders, friends and family.

There are 2 winners of the Songwriting Competition each month, Best Song and Best Song Runner Up.

  • Best Song of the Month receives a certificate for Best Song and 3 complimentary recording hours at Soundwire Studios our Studio Sponsor .  Additionally, the winner has an invitation to compete in the Playoffs for Best Song of the Year and a chance to compete in the Finals. Best song winner will be on the WCS YouTube Channel as a featured artist. Video file (not YouTube link), song title, location and short blurb with link to website/facebook should be provided to info@westcoastsongwriters.org
  • Best Song of the Month Runner UP receives a certificate.
  • A member can win Best Song Of The Month and Best Song Of The Month Runner Up twice during a season (with different songs) in each WCS Location. Playoffs are in July to determine San Rafael Best Song Of The Year. In September, the winners of Best Song of the Year from every WCS Location compete at the Finals for WCS Best Song of the Year. Three winners are chosen to perform at the annual WCS Conference in September. 


Monthly Winners

MARCH 2020
Best Song:  
Rock David Pro "I Remember"
Best Song Runner Up:  Jay Gottlieb "Will I Be"

Best Song:  
Jane Canfield "Rain in the Desert"
Best Song Runner Up:  Steve Andersen "The Unicorn Song"

Best Song:  
Prem Byrne "Why I Don’t Go To The Movies Anymore"
Best Song Runner Up:  Max Newton "Driven"

Best Song:  
Lorenzo Wood "Right for Me"
Best Song Runner Up:  Jim Baldwin "Objects in the Mirror"

Best Song:  
Max Newton "He Thinks He's Jesus"
Best Song Runner Up:  Paul Henry "Then You Die"

Best Song:  
Jonathan Steel "Three Words"
Best Song Runner Up:  Christopher Smith "Hippies in Afghanistan"

Best Song:  
Megan McLaughlin "Ruby Bridges"

JULY 2019
Best Song:  
Rob Shaw "Ranch Road 12"
Best Performance:  Michael Patch "Coolin Rains"

JUNE 2019
Best Song:  
Jim Baldwin "The Kingdom Come"
Best Performance:  Alan Wachs "Portland Girl"

MAY 2019
Best Song:  
Jerome Rubin "The Fire Song"
Best Performance:  Max Newton "If I Don't Wake Up"

APRIL 2019
Best Song:  
Jim Terry "The Walls Stand On and On"
Best Performance:  Michael McNevin "Young Santos"

MARCH 2019
Best Song:  
Max Newton "Playin' with Lightnin'"
Best Performance:  Michael Patch "Try & Catch Me If You Can"

Best Song:  
Wendell Wolff  "Man Of Leisure"
Best Performance:  Journey Day "Something About You"

Best Song:  Amber Snider "The Bagel Song"
Best Performance:  Sky Nelson "Mother Mine"

Best Song:  
Megan McLaughlin "Love Will See You Through"
Best Performance:  Lorenzo Wood "Let You In"



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