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Here you will find up to date information about what's going on in the WCS Stockton Chapter.  It's easy to find who to contact, where to go and when it's all happening!  If you need to reach us, please email the Stockton Managers.

Please make sure that you membership is current. Take a photo of your membership card so you always have it with you. Non-members are ineligible to win.  RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP and enjoy all the perks including discounts, freebies and more.


  • SECOND Monday of the month
  • Location: Whirlow's Restaurant, 1906 Pacific Ave. Stockton
  • SIGN-UP: 6:30pm event begins at 7pm
  • Be sure to invite your friends. Audience encouraged.
  • Please make sure that you membership is current (Smartphone photo of card is OK)
  • Non-members are ineligible to win (but can perform, time permitting)  
  • CONTACT the Stockton Managers


Monthly Awards:

There are 2 winners of the Songwriting Competition each month, Best Song and Best Performance.

  • Best Song of the Month wins $25 gift certificate from Whirlow's Restaurant and an invitation to compete in the Playoffs for Best Song of the Year and a chance to compete in the Finals. Additionally, Best song winner will be on the WCS YouTube Channel as a featured artist. Video file (not YouTube link), song title, location and short blurb with link to website/facebook should be provided to info@westcoastsongwriters.org
  • Best Performance of the Month wins Premium Artist Service Package, from Noisy Planet which includes hosting up to 20 songs, 5 photos, and your bio, plus they’ll distribute one album to iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Napster and others. In addition you will receive 100 personalized promo cards promoting you as a featured artist on Noisy Planet.
  • A member can win Best Song Of The Month and Best Performance Of The Month twice during a season (with different songs) in each WCS Location. Playoffs are in July to determine Stockton Best Song Of The Year. September 6th, the winners of Best Song of the Year from every WCS Location compete at the Finals for WCS Best Song of the Year. Three winners are chosen to perform at the annual WCS Conference in September. 

Song Screenings

  • Songs will be played in the order they are submitted.
  • $5 cover charge Non-Members are welcome, but only WCS members may submit songs.  However, should you wish to join at the door, you will be able to participate the same evening.
  • Submit one song per person on CD with a typed lyric sheet showing member’s name/address/phone attached to back with a rubber band.
  • The deadline for CD submission is the sign-up closing time as stated for each location.
  • All songs are played in the room, with the music industry guest critiquing each song so that everyone can hear each song and his/her comments.
  • If interested, the guest will pick up the song for further consideration.

CD Mail-In Service

  • If you are unable to attend any monthly songscreening, you may mail in one song for that month’s screening series as long as it is received by the 15th of the month.
  • CDs will not be returned.
  • You will receive a Publisher’s Response form giving you written feedback on your song.
  • Please include a $5 check and a SASE.
  • On the outside of the envelope, write the guest screener’s  name.
  • Mail your CD and lyric sheet (one song only) plus your $5 fee (please NO cash!) to WCS, 1724 Laurel Street, Suite #120, San Carlos, CA  94070.

Works in Progress

Hosted by experienced songwriters, Works In Progress is an opportunity to receive constructive criticism on your finished or unfinished song.  Bring your lyrics, sheet music and open mind for an experience that will help you to the next level in your music career.

Monthly Winners

Best Song:  Noe Lani Dennis - "All I Have Left"
Best Performance:  Rick O'Neal - "Say Your Prayers"

Best Song:  
George Gibson - "Oh Jimmy This Ain't Right"
Best Performance:  Ryan Poole - "Whiskey..."

Best Song:  Mary Guida - "Fallon’ In"
Best Performance:  Kevin O'Connor - "Roses Of Gray"

Best Song:  George Gibson - "Would You Dance With Me"
Best Performance:  Rick O'Neal - "Let's Fall In Love"



Stockton Sponsors

SPONSOR:  2 Free Recording Hours to the Best Song Winner Each Month

SPONSOR: 2 Free Recording Hours to the Best Song Winner Each Month

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