Contest Winners 2018:  Announced Saturday, June 30th


GRAND PRIZE WINNER:  Patricia Bahia / Betty H. Lawrence "Great Day To Be Alive"  (Pop)



"Promise" Greg Yee

Honorable Mentions

"Rewind" Dave Brinker

"Doesn't Have To Die Tonight"  Randall Cohen

"Invincible" Alicia Muller

"Big Umbrella" Christie McCarthy

"Again" Marquesa Versola

"Here Comes The Dark" Elaine Ryan

"Maybe Next Time" Gregory Johnson

"Somebody's Someone" Katie Hardyman



"Rock A Bye Sin"  Jim Greene

Honorable Mentions

"My Daughter & My Son" Don Forbes



"Not Just No" Bob Peek

Honorable Mentions

"If I KIss You" Greg McMorrow

"Quicksand Smile" Bob Peek

"Little Hearts Break Too" Gregory Thoroman/Clint Davis



"The Devil Make Five" Matt Lowen

Honorable Mentions

"Line In The Sand" Barrie Dempsey



"Leap Of Faith"  Mari Tamburo

Honorable Mentions

"Miracle"  Gray Gurkin

"God Believes In You" Peter Ingersoll

"Be A Child Again"  Bob Peek



"One More Manhattan" Maggie Laird (Jazz)

Honorable Mentions

"Familiar Rhythms"  Sara d'Ippolito

"Socialize" Anniken Meling (Alternative)

"Love and Other Vices"  Georgann Ireland (Alternative)

"Heartfelt" John Matlock (Instrumental)

"Sentimental Dreaming" Patrice Webb (Jazz)

"Corazon" Gaby Aparicio (Latin)



"Great Day To Be Alive"  Patricia Bahia/Betty H. Lawrence

Honorable Mentions

"Paper Doll"  Samantha Margret

"Bounce" Debbie Hennessey

"Keep The Light On"  Patricia Bahia



"Dream Love"  Gregory Johnson

Honorable Mentions

"Forgiveness" Christie McCarthy



"Detroit Soul" Chris Hanson

Honorable Mentions

"The Only Truth" Tom Scheel

"Bucket List" Emily Hamilton

"The Other Side Of Goodbye" David Landon

"Down" Starr Gray

"Surrender" Greg Yee

"Lean On You"  Christie McCarthy

"Already Fallen" Jo D'Anna

"Maybe" Melinda Ortner

"You Are Loved" Marquesa Versola

"If Your Well Has Run Dry" Laura Zucker


Categories that received five or less submissions were moved to the Miscellaneous category per the rules including: Alternative, Broadway/Cabaret, Children’s, Electronica, Humorous, Instrumental, New Age/Ambient, Novelty, Jazz, Urban/R&B, World Thank you all for your submissions.  So much talent!